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I’m just gonna do this really quick and some may be altered…because I can. Wait, I can’t because these are facts oh well. Truth and truth🙈

1.I give names to all my gadgets: Naïra(iPad Mini), DimSung(Samsung Grand), Mr. Huddie(portable WiFi), Lola(iPod Touch) etc etc.
2.My PS3 is my BAE. Actually, all of my gadgets are my BAE.
I love love love a rainy day than a sunny day.
3.Cats are just attracted to my charms.
4.I’m gonna buy a jeep one day and rule the streets.
5.I am old soul but I’m forever 19.
7.I like all colors except orange because the artist that I hates, love it.
8.Pharmacist-to-be (will update)
9.Before people really get to know me, they would tell me I look fierce and unfriendly but I not duhh lol.
10.I sing too loud and too well.
11.I look more like my Mommy but I am an exact copy of my Daddy’s traits. We even share the same B+ blood group and the love of The Queens music.
12.In another life, I am a penguin. Or possibly a Guardian of Nature.
13. I love my Pashys (my shawl collection)
14.One day, Imma travel the world alone for One year straight and by then I’ll dissapear.
15.I am loyal and will stick to you for the rest of my life even if you don’t want to. That’s an oath.
16.Running is my yoga.
17.I have a lot of skills which I am too lazy to write it all (so get to know me if you want to)
18.People say when we hate someone we’re going to remember that person more. Not me, if I hate you I will forget you because you don’t deserve any byte in my memory or in any piece of my heart.
19.I am a nerd; loving all those sciency stuffs to the moon and back.
20.Ratonhnhakè:ton, The Kenways, The Auditores, Altair Ibn-La’ahad, Desmond Miles, Nathan Drake, Lara Croft, Nilin Cartier-Wells, Jodie Holmes, Faith Connors, Corvo Attano, Masterchief, Cortana, Agent 47 and all of the vid games character that I forgot to mention or the future ones that I’m gonna play one day.

If you manage to read through all of them, I love you lah. Hohoho. “Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted…”

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Look what I got from down under 😁☺️😏❤️ #watchdogs #keychain #australia #ubisoft #epic #excited #love #game #gamers #beautiful 😍

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Bungie responds to the Ice Bucket Challenge with Destiny’s Ghost and challenges three familiar faces.

Join Bungie in raising money for ALS research. 20% of Bungie Store proceeds will be donated until 9/9/2014

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The Kenways + elements 

HOLY 😱❤️

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Nate enjoys the booty #2

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Do you wanna play?

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ffxiii casta {flower&color} study
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Troy Baker - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor SDCC 2014 [x]

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